What is Buckloop?

Buckloop is a creative studio that thrives on live action and animation. 
We provide a full-service creative approach to film – everything from script development to full production and visual effects.
As well as our core creative team, we have an extended family of tried, tested and trusted illustrators, animators and production bods, primed to tackle even the most challenging of briefs. 

Having all these fantastic people around makes Buckloop a great hub of creativity,
and means we can tailor an artistic troupe to match your project precisely,
and achieve standout results with confidence. 

Who is ‘Buckloop’? 

Buckloop is Ben Foley and Alex King, its founders.
They bring together a unique and compelling combination of skills and of experience in the visual media industry.

Ben is a multi-skilled and notoriously creative director with 20 years’ experience in commercials, music promos, film and broadcasting. His portfolio swells with a combination of live action, chroma-screens, traditional animation, in-camera trickery and post-FX. 

Such a diverse skillset makes Ben a unique director, with talent and experience that has secured excellent results for the likes of Radiohead, Elbow, Skunk Anansie and McFly – and for a diversity of commercial projects in Europe and the US. Ben loves to travel with work, and sees the more challenging and off-the-wall projects as the most satisfying and rewarding for him and his clients. 

Alex is a talented and highly regarded Animation Director and VFX Artist, with a proven background in VFX music videos that has helped him develop an eclectic and impressive portfolio. Over the last 15 years he’s created powerful content for TV productions, tour visuals, live events and TV commercials. 

Alex applies his wealth of experience and talent – and a curiosity for that all-important differentiator – to everything he does. His client list includes BBC, Aardman, Playstation, X Factor, Eurovision, O’Neill and Dyson.